The 27 Most Memorable Moments From Spring Training

The games may not have counted, but these plays did…IN OUR HEARTS.

1. Bryce Harper corrals a circus catch (eventually)

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2. Matt den Dekker goes sky-high to steal a home run

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3. Corey Brown goes full-extension for the grab

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4. Jamie Hoffmann shows off his awkward-yet-effective hops

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5. Aaron Hicks starts the Double Play That Never Happened

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ID: 1027344

6. Logan Schafer one-ups Albert Pujols in the sport of baseball

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7. Adron Chambers does the classic Outfield Tumble Roll

ID: 1028696

8. Justin Upton hits one that has not landed yet

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ID: 1027375

9. Mark Reynolds scrapes the moon with this shot

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ID: 1027382

10. Tim Hudson shows off the ol’ Eephus pitch

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ID: 1027397

11. Ryan Zimmerman throws off-balance for the out

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ID: 1027403

12. Joey Votto kills a baseball

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ID: 1027407

13. Matt Curry takes misfortune, adds dumb luck, and somehow turns two

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ID: 1027417

14. Darin Ruf hits a walkoff home run over the tiki tent

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15. Andrelton Simmons lays out to get the force at second

ID: 1028712

16. Zach Lutz dives to stop a screamer at third base

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ID: 1027450

17. Alexei Ramirez makes grabbing the short hop look easy

ID: 1028724

18. Jeremy Hellickson nabs a leaping Ichiro at first

ID: 1028731

19. Jason Bourgeois fights the wind (and wins)

ID: 1028743

20. Jake Peavy shows off his in-game survival skills

ID: 1028762

21. Jedd Gyorko runs wherever the ball is headed

ID: 1028770

22. Jon Jay gets all federal on a liner to center

ID: 1028785

23. Brett Gardner outruns everything — including baseballs

ID: 1028792

24. Mike Trout tracks down a long flyball with ease

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ID: 1027525

25. Jose Costanza takes away a home run — with style

ID: 1028808

26. Domonic Brown kicks off his Rookie of the Year campaign

ID: 1028815

27. Tiger fan deftly catches foul ball in his hat

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ID: 1027426

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