RIP, Pat Summerall

The NFL player-turned-broadcaster was John Madden’s longtime broadcast partner and the voice of a generation of football fans.

The Dallas Morning News has learned that Pat Summerall, who called NFL games with John Madden for 21 years, has died.

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As an NFL kicker for parts of 10 seasons, Summerall had a personal experience with the game that’s often missing from today’s play-by-play men.

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5. Even before Madden, Summerall was the best broadcaster in football.

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6. Here’s footage from their first game together, in 1979.

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7. In their prime, no pairing was better than that of Summerall and Madden. Their chemistry was unparalleled in American sports media.

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8. Even in moments of great drama, Summerall was classy, understated, and never above the game. It was never about him.

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9. Summerall’s voice had instant gravitas. (The Rocky IV soundtrack also helped in this case.)

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10. He was also versatile, calling golf for CBS…

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11. …and tennis…

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12. …as well as the 1974 NBA Finals.

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13. In a nice moment years after Summerall’s own 2002 retirement, he discussed John Madden’s departure from the booth.

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14. Pat Summerall: The best we’ll ever hear.

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