NFL Kicker Gets Four Chances At Winning Game And Gets Shut Out

Welcome to Randy Bullock’s living nightmare.

1. Houston kicker Randy Bullock had a chance to win the game for the Texans with this 51-yard field goal — but the Titans called timeout first.

ID: 1639980

2. No worries! We’ll just try this again AND THE TITANS BLOCK THE KICK, but there’s a penalty! OK, phew.

ID: 1639982

3. On the sidelines, Texans owner Bob McNair got very emotional.

ID: 1639985

4. So now Bullock got to kick from 46 yards — and it’s another Titans timeout because of course.

ID: 1639987

5. And Game-Winning Field Goal Attempt #4, Bullock…hit the goalpost. Game (still) not over.

ID: 1639988

6. The nightmare continued, seemingly without end.

ID: 1639989

7. Thankfully for Bullock’s lasting sanity, Texans rookie receiver DeAndre Hopkins hauled in this catch in overtime to finally end the game.

ID: 1639996

8. “At least I didn’t have to kick it again.”

ID: 1640003

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