NFL Kicker Gets Four Chances At Winning Game And Gets Shut Out

Welcome to Randy Bullock’s living nightmare.

1. Houston kicker Randy Bullock had a chance to win the game for the Texans with this 51-yard field goal — but the Titans called timeout first.

2. No worries! We’ll just try this again AND THE TITANS BLOCK THE KICK, but there’s a penalty! OK, phew.

3. On the sidelines, Texans owner Bob McNair got very emotional.

4. So now Bullock got to kick from 46 yards — and it’s another Titans timeout because of course.

5. And Game-Winning Field Goal Attempt #4, Bullock…hit the goalpost. Game (still) not over.

6. The nightmare continued, seemingly without end.

7. Thankfully for Bullock’s lasting sanity, Texans rookie receiver DeAndre Hopkins hauled in this catch in overtime to finally end the game.

8. “At least I didn’t have to kick it again.”

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