Mongolian Backboards Are No Match For This American Expat Baller

Devon Clarke will never have to buy another boortsog in Ulan Bator again!

1. Several years back, Devon Clarke was a forward for Iona College.

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2. After graduation, the 6-foot-6 Clarke bounced around before ending up in Mongolia.

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3. Now, Mongolians have an affinity for some odd sports.

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4. But they also like basketball. (Actually, they love basketball.)

It doesn’t really look like this dude is going to even come close to dunking, does it?

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5. Yesterday, Clarke (playing for the SBL Becks) became a folk hero with this backboard-shattering slam late in the fourth against Tlg 13 Ngo S Tulga.

ID: 1033856

6. The key here? A perfect, court-long outlet pass from the baseline.

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7. A dunk like that? You’ve earned some swagger.

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8. Mongolian basketball may never be the same.

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9. And hours afterward, Clarke had a killer new Facebook profile picture.

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h/t Brendan Koerner

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