Metallica Plays “Enter Sandman” For Mariano Rivera During Yankee Stadium Ceremony

The Sandman has exited.

1. Last week, the Red Sox honored Yankees closer Mariano Rivera’s career with a rendition of “Enter Sandman” by the Boston Cello Quartet.

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2. But for Rivera’s retirement ceremony today at Yankee Stadium, nothing less than the real deal would do.

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3. So Rivera was played in from the bullpen before the game by none other than Metallica.

6. The band, which hails from San Francisco, even left Rivera a personalized parting gift.

#SFGiants present Mariano Rivera a custom guitar designed by Kirk Hammett of @Metallica autographed by Willie Mays

— SFGiants (@San Francisco Giants)

7. The sellout crowd of 49,197 was ecstatic from the get-go.

Yankee Stadium chanting "Mariano"

— carmenkiew (@Carmen Kiew)

8. OK, maybe not this guy.

Mo thanks the fans. #ExitSandman

— Yankees (@New York Yankees)

10. Before long, No. 42 had said his final goodbyes to the Stadium fans.

And perfectly, the ceremony ends at 1:42 #Mo

— KeithOlbermann (@Keith Olbermann)

11. And Rivera got one more salute before the day was done, this time during the actual game.

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