Lightning Storm Delays NFL Opening Night In Denver

At least it wasn’t another blackout.

1. It was a such a promising start to the NFL’s Opening Night festivities in Denver. Ryan Seacrest was PUMPED (though we’re not sure why he was there).

2. Then the rain came.

3. It kept raining.

4. And it didn’t stop. Due to lightning in the area, the game had to be delayed indefinitely.

5. Some fans took it all in stride.

6. While the sideline crew stood on the wet field and held metal rods toward the sky.

7. The NFL started off promising only a 15-minute delay — and then dropped another one.

8. Kickoff eventually came after a 32-minute delay, though it was raining as hard as it had been all night.


10. On the other hand, at least it wasn’t this again.

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