Goosebump Watch: Phenom Matt Harvey Will Start The All-Star Game His Home Stadium

The 24-year-old New York Mets ace just cannot be stopped.

A .196 opponents batting average, league-leading 147 strikeouts, and ridiculous 4.2 wins above replacement. Yeah, New York Mets Mets ace Matt Harvey was almost a no-brainer to start tomorrow’s All-Star Game at Citi Field.

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There were other deserving candidates, for sure. (Hello, Clayton Kershaw!) But the chance to see this slider against the best American League hitters must be fulfilled.

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Plus, Harvey’s starts are always interesting. He was well on his way to a no-hitter last month when this unfortunate series of events occurred.

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His American League counterpart will be Max Scherzer, who’s 13-1 for Detroit this season.

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Big Apple vs Motown: @MattHarvey33 and Max Scherzer ready to go. #ASG

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Should be a stellar matchup between two of the year’s best hurlers, but when a pitcher like Harvey can go 1-2-3, 98-98-100 mph at will against opposing hitters, the edge here is clear, inexperience be damned.

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This’ll be the biggest night of the year for Mets fans, with the possibility of a highly memorable Pedro-in-Fenway moment if Harvey does well. 8 p.m. tomorrow night on Fox: be there.

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