ESPN Announcer Refers To D.C. Football Team As “The Washingtons” (UPDATE: ESPN Says It Was Inadvertent)

In other words, Mike Tirico wasn’t intentionally avoiding “Redskins.”

Update - Sept. 17, 12:45 a.m., EDT: An ESPN spokesman tells BuzzFeed that Mike Tirico informed him that the line described below “was an unintentional error” and that after saying “the Giants,” Tirico “needed to make Washington plural and misspoke.”

Tirico also just tweeted out something to that effect:

3. With numerous media organizations choosing not to call Washington’s football team by its longtime name, it didn’t go unnoticed tonight on Monday Night Football when ESPN’s Mike Tirico referred to them as the “Washingtons.”

Did Mike Tirico just refer to the Redskins as the Washingtons?

— RomanWHelmet (@Roman WarHelmet)

Unless I am deaf, I think @miketirico just referred to the #Redskins as "The Washingtons" - Curious if he meant to - #MNF #NFL #ESPN

— Cameron_Gray (@Cameron Gray)

8. Tirico did call Washington’s game last Monday night against Philadelphia without noticeably avoiding the “Redskins” name, so there’s a reasonable chance this was more a mental hiccup than protest.

Larry Downing / Reuters

9. On the other hand, it was immediately after referring to Tom Coughlin’s team as the Giants, not “the New Yorkers.” We’ve reached out to ESPN for comment. We’ll update when we hear back.

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