Canada, Mexico Come To Blows During World Baseball Classic

A simple misunderstanding led to this basebrawl between North American rivals.

1. It all started with a ball in the back, retaliation for the previous batter bunting with a six-run lead.

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2. In fact, Mexico third baseman Luis Cruz called for the beaning after the bunt occurred.

Cruz interpreted the bunt as a display of poor sportsmanship by a team with a six-run lead, but in World Baseball Classic pool play, each team actually needs to score as many runs as possible, to avoid potential tiebreakers later on.

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3. The benches then cleared almost immediately after the beaning.

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4. Both teams started throwing punches in all directions.

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5. There was even a little bit of wrestling.

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6. A Mexican fan then threw a bottle at the Canadian players.

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7. That prompted a retaliation from Canada’s Cale Iorg.

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8. A fan from that same area was ejected a couple of minutes after play resumed.

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9. Here’s the full sequence, which ultimately delayed the game about 10 minutes before play continued.

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