This On-Point Adele Dazeem Bio Is Sadly Fake

Adele Dazeem, aka Idina Menzel, is returning to Broadway tomorrow in If/Then. A Playbill insert made the rounds today Travolta-fying Menzel’s credits, but a rep for the show confirms it’s not real.

1. As we all now know, John Travolta famously mispronounced Frozen actress Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars.

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2. Yesterday, the Twitter account for Menzel’s upcoming Broadway show tweeted this.

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3. Then, earlier today, this image began making the rounds. It appears to be an insert from the Playbill of Menzel’s forthcoming Broadway show, If/Then.

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4. Eagle-eyed theater fans will note the credits play on Menzel’s real-life career.

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5. “Moritz” is Maureen, Menzel’s character from Nert aka Rent.

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6. Ephraima in Wicked-ly?

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7. More like Elphaba in Wicked.

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8. And, of course, Farfignugen is the Oscar-winning Frozen.

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9. Unfortunately, BuzzFeed can confirm the bio isn’t authentic.

“I can confirm it’s not a real insert – we don’t start performances until tomorrow night,” a rep for the show said.

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Walt Disney

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