16 Baby Animals To Brighten Your Day

Because it’s almost springtime and we could all use more cute animals in our lives.

1. Puppy in a cup!

New Girl, anyone?

ID: 989385

2. Baby zebra!

So cute and awkward!

ID: 989769

3. Puppy bites

Because what’s cuter than puppy cannibalism?

ID: 989400

4. Helpful puppy

“I just want to help, human!”

ID: 989403


Holding trunks omg!

ID: 989765

If this doesn’t scream springtime, I don’t know what does.

ID: 989739

7. Awww, otterly adorable!

ID: 989743

8. The cutest skunk you’ll ever see

Who knew skunks could be cute?!

ID: 989746

9. So cute I have no words.


ID: 989747


ID: 989749

11. Prancing puppies

ID: 989379

12. Baby hippo

He’s so cute and tiny!

ID: 989753

13. Meowwww

Look at those tiny little claws.

ID: 989762

14. So. Many. Baby. Pandas.

Panda Fix / Via pandafix.com

And they’re sleeping. awwwww.

ID: 989763

15. Kittens in cups

Not quite as cute as puppy in a cup, but still cute.

ID: 989771

16. Sooo sleepy!

Such a sleepy little bunny.

ID: 989774

Have a great day!


ID: 989778

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