If “Girls” Starred Peeps

What if Lena Dunham had cast her show with Peeps? Epicurious imagines.

It would be called “Chicks”

ID: 1012392

The stars would be young, fresh Peeps. Some would be offended by the lack of orange chicks.

ID: 1012411

Hannah would still get naked. A lot.

ID: 1012426

And take baths with Jessa, ‘cause that’s what young chickfriends do. They take baths together.

ID: 1012430

Adam would still pine for Hannah.

ID: 1012435

Hannah and Jessa would go upstate. But eating rabbits would also mean eating bunnyfriends, so some of the context might get lost.

ID: 1012446

Marnie would wear plastic wrap to Booth Jonathan’s big party instead of a plastic dress.

ID: 1012471

Shoshanna and Ray would still argue in her girly apartment.

ID: 1012480

Hannah would snort powdered sugar, and it would transform her into a more paranoid, energetic, dancing version of herself.

ID: 1012490

Dance, little sugary Hannah, dance!

ID: 1012495

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