12 Things In The “Divergent” Footage That Will Make You Freak Out

Looks like they’re going to get this one right, y’all. Do yourself a favor though, read the book first.

1. Here’s the Divergent movie trailer. Prepare yourself accordingly.

ID: 1570260

2. The first look at the Choosing Ceremony.

Every faction in one room!

ID: 1569513

3. The details in the costumes.


ID: 1569523

4. THE jump.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

Nailed it.

ID: 1569543

5. Four’s voice.

epicreads.com / Via Epic Reads

Worth watching over and over again.

ID: 1569555

6. The tattoos.

ID: 1569572

7. The thought of Kate Winslet being a villain!

*spolier alert*

ID: 1569581


“I just went at it hard, to be honest, because I thought that’s how she wanted it. I thought to assuage any awkwardness I would just go for it.” — Theo James on shooting the kissing scene.

ID: 1569602

9. Maggie Q’s amazingness.


ID: 1569607

10. The half-second glimpse at the fear landscape.

Not in the trailer but in the extra footage, which is ALSO amazing.

ID: 1569627

11. The jump from the train.

Arguably one of the most iconic scenes in the book.

ID: 1569651

12. Every action moment.

Bonus points for spotting Peter!

ID: 1569723

13. The look that totally embodied Tris.

Selfless. Brave. Divergent.

ID: 1569715

Can it be March 2014 now? Luckily, Allegiant (the final book in the trilogy by Veronica Roth) will be here soon. Mark your calendars for Oct. 22!

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