12 Experiences That All Teachers Will Understand

If you’re a teacher, chances are you can relate.

1. Flights are always really expensive as you have to take them during school holidays.

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2. You correct your friends’ grammar and spelling mistakes.

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3. You have trained your bladder to only go to the toilet twice during the day.

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4. You do head counts when you are out with your friends

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5. Friday night involves getting ready to go out, then falling asleep before you leave the house.

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6. You have perfected the art of cramming your lunch into your face before the bell goes.

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7. You live as far away from your work as possible, just so you don’t see students out in public.

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8. You have a different Facebook name than your real name, yet they still manage to find you.

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9. The word ‘reports’ makes you want to curl into the foetal position, and rock back and forth.

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10. You spend your meetings voting for whether or not you will vote, on something that will never actually happen.

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11. People who have never done your job tell you how easy it is

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12. And finally… People who have never done your job tell you how to do it.

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