Your New Delicious, Go-To Summer Salad

This dressing. WTF.

This is a salad that improves with age, so I often make a big batch of it over the weekend and snack on it throughout the week. A friend turned me on to the recipe, from My New Roots. The dressing’s combination of spices, vinegar, maple syrup and mustard have an addictive je ne sais quoi. I like to use green lentils or wheatberries for the base, though wild rice, kamut, farro or chickpeas would be lovely, too. And I almost always add some diced apple and a good bit of parsley. I think the next time I make the dressing, I’ll toss it with some cauliflower, toasted nuts, apples, and herbs.Heather Sperling, 30, editor of Tasting Table and co-founder of food and design festival Fête, Chicago, IL

3. Step 1: Cook lentils.

4. Step 2: Combine dressing ingredients in a jar with a lid.

5. The dressing has a lot of ingredients but it’s worth it.

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