Dos And Don’ts Of Mail-Order Food

So you want to send a nice fruit basket or something. Read this first.

3. not this

scary reminder-of-mortality apple

ID: 739528

6. not this

not a funny joke no no no

ID: 739478

9. not this

ham pillow

ID: 739531

12. not this

sprinkles on meat NOT COOL

ID: 739532

15. not this

weird hot dog pie insulting not just pies but America

ID: 739490

18. not this


ID: 739483

21. not this


ID: 739477

24. not this

STD cupcakes

ID: 739488

35. send this

Heart coffee, $12

ID: 739421

39. not this

The “Caperon” — made for Dad’s who want to ruin their teenagers’ lives

ID: 739510

42. not this

Prairie oysters. You don’t want to know.

ID: 739512

45. not this

‘Cause wtf are they going to do with that.

ID: 739513

48. not this

Salty caramel popcorn vodka. Oh yes, it’s real.

ID: 739518

51. not this

ID: 739520

57. not this

This seems like asking for trouble.

ID: 739525

63. not this

Chocolate penis hats

ID: 739534

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