30 Amazing Sliders For Your Super Bowl Party

There are ways to make miniature burgers even more of a miracle than they already are.

3. Serve them on waffle fries.

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4. Naw, eff that. Sweet potato waffle fries.

Get the recipe at Lauren’s Latest

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8. Make them healthy.

Get Martha Stewart’s recipe for Bean and Veggie Sliders

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9. But please don’t get carried away.

“Zucchini buns” are not a thing.

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10. You could make the patties out of lamb.

Get the recipe from Daisy’s World

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12. Put pork belly in them.

Get the recipe

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15. Put amazing meatballs in them.

This meatball recipe from NYC’s Little Owl restaurant is the bomb. Get it from Bon Appetit.

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16. Or make vegetarian grilled cheese sliders.

Get the recipe

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17. Make them taste like pizza, why not?

Get the recipe for Pizza Sliders from Dash

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18. Make them on cornbread.

These Bacon and Gorgonzola Cornbread Sliders won the 2010 National Cornbread Cook-Off. Get the recipe from The Orlando Sentinel.

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20. Get ambitious about it. (DUCK CONFIT SLIDERS!)

Hot dang! Duck confit sliders!! Probably the best tasting things on the planet. Get the recipe from Food Nouveau. If making duck confit is new to you and/or scares you, watch this video and follow this corresponding recipe from Gourmet.

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22. Make them with coffee-chipotle brisket.

Get the recipe here — includes homemade buns! Inspired by Homesick Texan.

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25. Use pretzel rolls.

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26. They could also be mini Reubens on pretzel rolls.

Get the recipe at Eat At Home Cooks

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27. Make mini muffulettas.

Mini muffuletta recipe via Three Many Cooks. Another good recipe here.

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28. Make them with fried chicken and gravy.

Get the recipe from Coupon Clipping Cook

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29. Stuff them with pulled pork, coleslaw, and pickles.

Get the recipe from Framed Cooks

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30. Make them like White Castle.

Get the recipe

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