36 Reasons That Fall Is The BEST

Chunky sweaters, pumpkin stuff, and leaves. QED.

1. Chunky Socks and Boots

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3. Actually, Any Pumpkin Dessert Ever

Any Pumpkin Dessert Ever

My Baking Addiction’s Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

ID: 579602

5. Leaves AND a Cabin

ID: 579198

6. Halloween for Cats

ID: 578760

7. Halloween for Dogs

ID: 578784

8. Halloween for Fingernails

ID: 578812

9. Chunky Scarves

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10. TV Shows

Specifically, the return of Happy Endings

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12. Less Classy Football Food

ID: 578785

13. Tech Companies Release New Gadgets

Obviously iPhone 5 has to be on the market before you make your Christmas wish list.

ID: 578708

15. Especially Meats Braised in Beer

ID: 578886

16. Cozy Mugs

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17. Especially Mugs When They Are Full of Warm Apple Cider

Get Full Measure of Happiness’s recipe for Mulled Apple Cider

ID: 578946

18. Or Shaped Like Owls

autumnblessings.tumblr.com / Via http://%20
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19. New Essie Collection

Ok basically every season has one, but it’s time to stop wearing neon nailpolish for a few minutes.

ID: 579052

20. Brown Butter-Sage Ravioli

Ok so that’s actually Gnocchi, but basically Sage + Brown Butter + Carbohydrate = The Best

ID: 579042

21. Back-to-School Shopping

ID: 579097

22. Reading with a Cup of Tea

ID: 579172

24. Blankets

ID: 579214

27. And Oreos Flavored With Them

ID: 579373

28. Hot Wings

On cupcakes? Sure.

ID: 579409

29. Pumpkin Ale

Look at that adorable bear. That bear wants you to be drunk on pumpkins.

ID: 579486

30. Tweed Blazers

ID: 579588

31. Miniature Pumpkins Stuffed with Food

ID: 579491

32. Caramel Apple Jell-O Shots

ID: 579511

33. Sweaters Made of Alpaca

Especially when they are called the “Brioche Honeycomb Sweater.”

ID: 579563

34. Grilled Cheese Croutons

ID: 579529

35. Fireplaces with Dogs In Front of Them

ID: 579586

36. Flannel

ID: 579595

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