23 Best Food Videos The Internet Gave Us In 2012

Stop whatever you’re trying to do. It’s time to relive the year’s best rap song about Hot Cheetos.

1. These kids rapping about Hot Cheetos & Takis.

ID: 744638

2. This cooking show spoof with David Cross.

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ID: 744641

3. These real actors reading Yelp.

It’s a series. See more here

ID: 744646

4. This German man who showed us the best way to use an iPad in the kitchen.

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ID: 744656

5. The insane balloon that Chicago restaurant Alinea served as food.

ID: 744662

6. This “Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special” on Funny or Die.

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ID: 744666

7. This completely insane kimchi cooking demo.

ID: 744667

8. This sommelier balancing 45 glasses in one hand.

ID: 744668

9. These babies tasting lemons.

ID: 744670

10. This bartender who juggles like a circus freak.

ID: 744683

11. This demo of how to eat chicken wings with one hand.

Dammit that’s genius.

ID: 744685

12. This embarrassingly catchy rap about milk and a sippy cup.

ID: 744688

13. This stop-motion guacamole demo.

ID: 744695

14. This 7-year-old pizza-tossing hero.

ID: 744697

15. This fake promo for the iPhone 5.

ID: 744705

16. That time Conan sent Jack McBrayer to Wiener’s Circle.

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ID: 744711

17. This review of Five Guys.

ID: 744834

18. This life-changing demo of how to spiral-cut a hot dog.

ID: 744837

19. This INCREDIBLE feat of human genius.

ID: 744850

20. This Flex Mex burrito.

ID: 744869

21. This man cooking Rice-a-Roni.

ID: 744896

Also, these.

OK, so these last ones are from BuzzFeed. However, I can claim zero credit for their existence. So I feel comfortable including them because they are amazing.

ID: 744677

22. This guide to holiday etiquette.

ID: 744675

23. This guide to trading candy.

ID: 744679

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