25 Biggest Comma Fails

Let’s get it together, guys.

1. This person’s life-threatening medical condition.

2. This guy’s favorite hobby when school’s out.

3. This unfortunate/traumatizing situation.

4. This guy having a great time in the hot tub.

5. And this oversharer of few words.

6. This person.

7. This new dish by everyone’s favorite EVOO enthusiast.

8. This person’s favorite snack.

9. This creepy-ass stuff.

Some grade-A boy syrup for your lean man bacon?

10. This awkward situation for Silva.

11. This ill-advised title that made it all the way to the presses.

13. This truly terrifying sign.

(Um. Would commas even help here?)

14. Uh. This. Yuck?

15. This proud hunk of beef.

16. This fashion faux pas.

17. The questionable safety of this room.

Let’s get real: $900 is a small price to pay in NYC to sleep with one eye open.

18. This poor guy who may or may not have E. coli.

19. This super-exclusive toilet.

20. These criminals on a tight deadline.

21. This sexting exchange gone awry.


22. This scary human who has prepared something equally as frightening as his side dish.


We <3 you, baby seals. And commas.

24. This guy with some serious confidence issues.

25. These two hotties.

And finally, a special shout-out from copy editors across the nation to this conscientious fellow.

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