25 Biggest Comma Fails

Let’s get it together, guys.

1. This person’s life-threatening medical condition.

ID: 936775

2. This guy’s favorite hobby when school’s out.

ID: 936719

3. This unfortunate/traumatizing situation.

ID: 936759

4. This guy having a great time in the hot tub.

ID: 936808

5. And this oversharer of few words.

ID: 936812

6. This person.

ID: 936851

7. This new dish by everyone’s favorite EVOO enthusiast.

ID: 936755

8. This person’s favorite snack.

ID: 936727

9. This creepy-ass stuff.

Some grade-A boy syrup for your lean man bacon?

ID: 936751

10. This awkward situation for Silva.

ID: 936805

11. This ill-advised title that made it all the way to the presses.

ID: 936768

12. Gross.

ID: 936761

13. This truly terrifying sign.

(Um. Would commas even help here?)

ID: 936780

14. Uh. This. Yuck?

ID: 936745

15. This proud hunk of beef.

ID: 936852

16. This fashion faux pas.

ID: 936792

17. The questionable safety of this room.

Let’s get real: $900 is a small price to pay in NYC to sleep with one eye open.

ID: 938779

18. This poor guy who may or may not have E. coli.

ID: 936827

19. This super-exclusive toilet.

ID: 936869

20. These criminals on a tight deadline.

ID: 936816

21. This sexting exchange gone awry.


ID: 936866

22. This scary human who has prepared something equally as frightening as his side dish.

ID: 936832


We <3 you, baby seals. And commas.

ID: 936785

24. This guy with some serious confidence issues.

ID: 936819

25. These two hotties.

ID: 936950

And finally, a special shout-out from copy editors across the nation to this conscientious fellow.

ID: 936855

In closing:

ID: 936909

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