10 Word Mix-Ups To Avoid, Presented By Adorable Animals

Dictionaries can be a real snoozefest. These fluffy little heroes are here to show you there’s an easier way.

1. Between: typically used to describe the relationship between two items, people, or groups.

“Let’s just keep this between you and me,” said the cheating cat to his mistress.

ID: 1016045

Among: typically used when referring to more than two items, people, or groups.

Worry spread among the puppies that they would soon have to grow up and take on adult responsibilities.

ID: 1016066

2. Tenet: a principle, belief, or doctrine.

These cats would like to teach you the tenets of their respective religions.

ID: 1016092

Tenant: one who rents or leases.

These tenants had really hoped the room they were subletting was going to come a bit more furnished.

ID: 1016103

3. Raise: to bring up; to elevate; to increase.

These two are doing the best job they can to raise this kitten properly so she becomes an upstanding citizen.

ID: 1016118

Raze: to tear down completely.

This cat is going to raze the home of the person who still thinks this is a funny meme.

ID: 1016122

Rays: beams of light or other radiation.

“Hey, guys, move along, nothing to see. Just tryin’ to catch some rays out here.”

ID: 1016152

4. Retch: to vomit.

This little guy is about to retch at the thought of another night serving hors d’oeuvres to a bunch of stuck-up jerks.

ID: 1016164

Wretch: a miserable person.

“I don’t know when I became such a disdainful wretch, but I think it may have been shortly after SOMEONE DECIDED TO DRESS ME UP AS A BUNNY.”

ID: 1016180

5. Elicit: to bring out or evoke.

This fluffy baby goat will elicit shrieks of pure joy from all in its path.

ID: 1016191

Illicit: unlawful.

This hamster is suspected of engaging in illicit activities in his secret hideaway.

ID: 1016199

6. Heroin: an illegal narcotic.

Sadly, catnip was the gateway drug for this cat, who wound up addicted to heroin only days later.

ID: 1016833

Heroine: a heroic female.

This kitty stepped in as a true heroine after her friend’s 1,000-thread-count pillowcase was stolen.

ID: 1016848

7. Hoard: to stockpile something.

This cat’s owner has asked him to seek help for his cereal hoarding problem for months now, to no avail.

ID: 1016868

Horde: a throng or swarm.


ID: 1016872

8. Ensure: to guarantee an event or condition.

This lil’ guy is just ensuring his best bud stays warm during the blizzard.

ID: 1016895

Assure: to remove doubt or anxiety.

This chihuahua assures you: She doesn’t need expensive dog clothes to be happy.

ID: 1016907

Insure: to provide with insurance.

No one is going to insure this pooch after his serious fender bender last week.

ID: 1016960

9. Allude: to refer indirectly.

This cat is alluding to the fact that it’s time to change your bedding already, you slob.

ID: 1016966

Elude: to avoid capture.

These bunnies hiding in cups are eluding the authorities after stealing carrots from the farmers market.

ID: 1016976

Illude: to deceive.

This dog was told he’d be visiting the bone factory, but realized he’d been illuded once they pulled up to the vet’s office.

ID: 1016987

10. Peak: the topmost point; the highest level or degree.

Even at the peak of exhaustion, these two know how important it is to show each other they care.

ID: 1016993

Peek: a quick look.

This celebrity otter mom gave the tabloids a sneak peek of the new baby everyone’s been waiting to see. (Sneak PEEK, guys. Peek. Not peak. OK?)

ID: 1017005

Pique: to excite; to arouse; to anger.

This dachshund’s interest is piqued by a super-fun tennis ball just out of reach.

ID: 1017033

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