15 Cats Who Can’t Wait For St. Patrick’s Day

You think you’re the only one getting psyched for St. Paddy’s day? You got nothing on these cats.

1. This cat who snuggled into his Pot of Gold cat bed to get mentally prepared

ID: 982695

2. This cat who’s got his St. Paddy’s stunna shades on

ID: 982703

3. This cat who decided it’s cool to have a ginger beard especially on this day

ID: 982715

4. This cat who’s got his hat on and beer ready

ID: 982721

5. This cat who got his beer ready a little too early…

ID: 982723

6. This cat who has so many green accessories he can’t decide on just one

ID: 982734

7. This cat who went all out and dyed his beer green

ID: 982736

8. This cat who decided to transform his basket into a tiny magical clover patch

ID: 982741

9. This cat who’s not afraid of haters hating on his tall knit leprechaun hat

ID: 982743

10. This cat who might have gone a little overboard

ID: 982744

11. This cat who is accepting how hot he’s going to get in this wool leprechaun suit

ID: 982765

12. This cat who’s keeping it professional with a themed tie

ID: 982745

13. This kitten who just kissed way too many people in the bar because she might have some Irish heritage

ID: 982747

14. This hipster cat who is way cooler than you with his green stache

ID: 982748

15. And finally, this cat who is ready to get rowdy at the pub

ID: 982735

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