17 Reasons Why Gordo Was A Baller

Before there were Seth Cohen and Vince Chase, there was curly-haired Gordo, aka David “Gordo” Gordon, aka Lizzie McGuire’s Disney sidekick. And he ruled.

2. But seriously, look at those locks…

3. And these trendy layered shirts.

4. And this brooding stare.

5. He was going to be a director.

7. But he was stuck in the friend zone… :(

8. Especially on the way to Romaaaa (Ciao, Gordo!).

9. Since he couldn’t keep up with Paolo’s charm.

10. Or Ethan’s slick moves.

11. He was looking for love in the Eternal City.

12. So he settled for Miss Ungermeyer.

13. He was always Lizzie and Miranda’s third wheel.

14. Yeah, always…

15. But really, he was just the nerdy BFF.

16. And a total underdog.

17. With a come-from-behind win!

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