7 Adorable Baby Animals That Grow Into Monsters

First, you’ll want to snuggle with them. Then, you’ll want to gather the townsfolk and pitchforks to hunt the monsters down.

1. The Star-Nosed Mole

How cute! Wait, what’s that on its face?

ID: 979974

Oh, nothing. Just an ungodly protrusion of innards and outards and slime.

ID: 979634

3. The Aye Aye

Don’t you want to pet it?

ID: 979963

You should have drowned it when it was weak. The grown aye aye feeds on your dreams.

ID: 979966

5. The Lumpfish

These look like they should be in an anime movie.

ID: 980003

This looks like it could level Tokyo.

ID: 979645

7. The Coconut Crab

It’s so tiny!

ID: 979991

Enjoy sleeping tonight.

ID: 979986

9. The Hatchetfish

Hey there, cutie fish-pie!

ID: 980063

I can hear the souls of dead men scream.

ID: 980054

11. The Spectacled Bear

Nothing says “cuddle me!” like a baby bear.

ID: 980180

To be fair, this bear lost all its fur due to a mysterious illness. But still! Who knew that bears were one close shave away from looking like hell-hounds?

ID: 980150

13. The Frilled Shark

I mean, it’s not awful

ID: 980430

If Shark Week doesn’t scare you, how about Shark-Eel-Demon-Hybrid Week?

ID: 980415

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