21 Ways To Know You’re A Proud Fangirl

Because you didn’t choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose you.

1. When You Cry Alone In Your Room

Because feels.

ID: 3173102

2. When You Cry Harder In Public Than You Do In Your Room

Because more feels.

ID: 3173097

3. The Cold Doesn’t Bother You Anyway

Especially on a release date.

ID: 3172436

4. When Your Fav Is Becoming Successful

Proud mommy moment because you believed in them.

ID: 3173219

5. When You Wish You Could Protect Them From Paps

(Or at least destroy all their cameras)

ID: 3172983

6. Having More Followers Online Than Friends In Real Life

ID: 3172626

7. If FanFiction Were A Subject In School, You’d Be On The Honor Roll

Or in detention with notes from teachers asking what’s wrong with your mental health.

ID: 3172536

8. Being Basically Famous In Your Fandom

Walking into events like “the queen is here”

ID: 3172524

9. Meeting Fellow Fans From The Internet In Real Life

ID: 3172802

10. You’d Do Anything To See Your Idols Live

ID: 3173009

11. You’ll Travel Anywhere To See Them, You Don’t Care

I live in Narnia but hey they’re touring in New York, LET’S GO.

ID: 3173027

12. You’re Not Afraid To Wear That Perfect Concert Outfit Proudly

You don’t care about the haters in the back (she’s not even dressed up, come on.)

ID: 3173135

13. Even Though You’re One In A Million , You Know They’ll See You One Day

(Or 52 million)

ID: 3172953

14. You Know Everything And Everyone Close To Your Favs

ID: 3173163

15. When All Your Friends Meet Your Favs

But you still #believe.

ID: 3173203

16. When Other Fans In The Fanbase Start Drama…

You just want to vote them all off the internet.

ID: 3173107

17. When Other Fans Start Leaving The Fanbase…

They obviously were not about that fangirl life.

ID: 3173119

18. When People Say One Day You’ll Have To Move On

But? Fangirling? Is? Life???

ID: 3173113

19. But You Know You’ll Never Leave Your Fav

Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.

ID: 3173193

20. You Defend Your Favs Till The End

If only you could take shovels to concerts…

ID: 3172347

21. You’ll Never Let Go Of Your Dream Of Meeting Them

ID: 3173208

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