What It’s Like Discussing "Scandal" On Friday Mornings With Your Co-Workers

As told by the characters of Scandal. And if you didn’t watch last night, go get in the hole.

1. You can’t believe what you watched last night.

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Partially because, as you’ll find out later on, some of it was very misleading.

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2. So, you rush to get to work on time because you’ve already waited 12 hours to discuss.

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And you’re desperately waiting for others to arrive so you can debrief.

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3. When a co-worker tries to talk to you about something non-Scandal, you just can’t deal.

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4. Finally, everyone is here. Let’s talk about this crazy shit.

Gather in the conference room (or your boss’ office). This is a very important meeting.

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5. At first, you’re all just really confused.

But seriously, WTF is going on? Can anyone please explain all these plot lines?

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6. And you don’t know where to start.



Woah Mellie. Also, Liv’s mom! And what is up with Quinn?

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7. So you start with the (somewhat) basic questions: Who’s good? Who’s bad?

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8. Who’s dead? Who’s alive?

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9. You start to piece together everything that happened in those 40+ minutes.



Summary: A LOT.

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10. All those things you thought were true last week? NOPE!

And OMG, you forgot about that storyline. And that one! We need a pen and paper.

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11. As you start talking, you relive the emotions all over again.

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12. Suddenly, everyone needs to sit down because it’s all a tad overwhelming.



Grab a chair.

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13. You feel like you can’t breathe.

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14. You’re too shocked to think coherently.

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15. You need hugs.

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16. Tears of anger, sadness, frustration, and sheer confusion overcome you.

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17. Sometimes, you’re all on the same page; but other times, you have intense opinions about what Shonda Rhimes is doing.

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18. You really understand why Olivia drinks so much.

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And could use a glass yourself, despite it being 10 a.m.

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19. (Also, at some point, you talk about Olivia’s outfits.)


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20. You start to guess what will come next week.

Clearly, Shonda is capable of anything. CLEARLY.

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21. And by the end, you feel like you’ve overcome so much that you could sign up for B613.

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Well, maybe not. But you definitely call them your co-gladiators instead of co-workers.

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22. You emerge from the room, emotionally spent.

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23. Bravo, Shonda. Bravo.

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24. Until next week.

It’s exhausting, but also amazing. Totally worth it.

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