14 Times "Love Actually" Lied To Us About Love

It should be called Love Actually…NOT. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the movie’s release on Nov. 14, 2003, let’s remember all the times the best rom-com of our generation got it all wrong.

1. No one shows up at your house on a freezing cold night with cards professing their love to you.

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2. And if you do show up at your best friend’s house and profess your love to his wife, she’s not going to follow you down the street.

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3. Symphonies are never mixed in the audience at weddings.

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4. No one gets chased through an airport!

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Especially post-9/11.

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5. And the girl never follows you back out of security for a kiss.

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6. No one has such a deep connection that they don’t even need to speak the same language to know they’re in love.

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7. Nor would anyone jump into freezing, dirty water to save your typewritten manuscript.

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Make copies!

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8. A whole town doesn’t follow you down the street to watch you propose.

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9. No matter how much the prime minister loves you, he’s not going to sever ties with a critical military ally for you.

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10. The prime minister also wouldn’t knock on door after door looking for you.

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There’s definitely someone on his staff that would do that for him.

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11. And the prime minister wouldn’t kiss you backstage at a children’s pageant and then just wave to the crowd when you accidentally end up on stage.

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Even though everyone has just found out intimate details about his personal life.

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12. Rent isn’t that steep in Wisconsin. Girls can afford more than one bed and a set of pajamas.

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13. Rock stars never ditch an Elton John party to come hang out with you.

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14. And Claudia Schiffer’s son definitely doesn’t go to your kid’s school!

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