The 35 Ways You Know You’re A Michigan Wolverine

Bleeding maize and blue.

1. This is your house — that you share with 114,804 of your closest friends.

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2. This is your “little brother.”

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3. This man elicits a rage deep inside of you that you didn’t know existed.

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So does this guy (and his sweater vest).

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Ugh, and old Woody.

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4. But this guy holds a soft spot in your heart.

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Because he taught us that:

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5. You respect the hell out of the “Fab Five.”

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6. And believe in the “Fresh Five.”

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7. You think the only way to successfully play sports is with your shoes untied.

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8. Every time you succeed at something, you do this.

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9. Saturday morning is the best night of the week.

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10. You feel like this every single time we win a football game.

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11. This is where you’d love to have breakfast every morning.

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12. Not even a line around the corner on a cold November day would deter you from getting the #2 on toasted rye.

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13. You know what this is, and just how delicious it is.

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14. Even years after graduation, you want to be here on Thursday nights.

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15. You can’t possibly go straight from the bar to your house because you have to stop for late night.

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16. You know damn well how to order a burger from here.

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17. You feel like you’re at a different school when you go here.

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18. This is the only rock you know of within Ann Arbor city limits.

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19. You’ve played in the mud, on purpose, to be a Mudbowl champion.

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20. One day a year you can “legally” smoke marijuana (aka Hash Bash).

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21. And on the other 364 days of the year, you can “hang out” here.

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22. You know how to handle a “Constant Buzz.”

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23. Your Fishbowl isn’t a place where actual fish live.

ID: 964157

24. And you can drink an entire (different kind of) fishbowl.

ID: 962029

25. You’ve heard the real Glee club perform.

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26. You’ve seen a midnight showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” here.

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27. You remember what State Street was like when chain stores weren’t allowed.

ID: 963996

28. You wouldn’t dare step on this before your first blue book exam for fear of failing.

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29. You have great and horrible memories from nights in the Stacks.

ID: 963971

30. The library where you “studied” has a pretty bad acronym.

The Shapiro Undergraduate Library aka the UGLi

ID: 961900

31. You know better than to even sneeze in here, for fear of being kicked out by the law students.

ID: 963735

32. Or sometimes you’d just study here.

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33. You’ve thought about bringing your future spouse to the West Engin Arch.

The story goes, if you kiss someone under the arch before you turn 21, you two will get married. Others say if you simply kiss under the arch at exactly midnight, at any age, you two will get married.

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34. And any time you’re walking down the street and see someone wearing University of Michigan apparel:

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35. And obviously, you feel that:

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