27 Things To Remember From The "24" Series Finale

After going off the grid for four years, Jack is back. But before he returns, let’s look back on where we last left Mr. Bauer.

1. Remember Meredith Reed (Jennifer Westfeldt)? She’s the journalist who tries to expose that the assassination of Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor), the president of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan (IRK), was ordered by the Russian government.


But President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) has her arrested to prevent the press from printing the truth. And that starts a string of events in which Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) tries to publicize the huge cover-up.

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2. Then, Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) and President Taylor have a phone conversation about the assassination and how Jack believes the orders to have President Hassan killed came from Mikhail Novakovich (Graham McTavish).


And that despite Charles’ attempts to keep her in the dark, President Taylor needs to know that Russian President Yuri Suvarov (Nick Jameson) actually gave the orders. But Charles doesn’t realize that Jack is listening to the call and recording him.

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3. Jack takes Charles’ right-hand man, Jason Pillar (Reed Diamond), hostage in order to gain entry into the United Nations perimeter.


Jack needs to get in undetected in order to set up his sniper rifle to kill President Suvarov as retribution for his crimes.

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4. Jack also has Jason stitch up his open wound.


BECAUSE NOTHING CAN KILL BAUER! Not even running around (literally) while he bleeds from the abdomen.

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5. Acting IRK President Dalia Hassan (Necar Zadegan) finds out the Russian government ordered the attack on her husband and President Taylor knew and hid it from her.


And when Dalia tries to back out of the peace treaty, President Taylor threatens to invade the IRK with military force. So, she’s basically blackmailing Dalia into signing a peace treaty with the man who killed her husband.

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6. Jack (conveniently) finds an empty utility closet to set up a mini CTU office.


He also discovered a duffel bag in the trunk of Jason’s car filled with all the equipment he could need.

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7. Dalia comes face-to-face with Yuri, aka the man who ordered the hit on her husband.


And even President Taylor is disgusted.

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8. Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) goes looking for Jack to protect him, but he just ends up choking her until she passes out.



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9. Jack threatens to put a bullet in Charles’ brain if he doesn’t get Yuri to his office immediately.


He needs to move quickly. This is happening in real time, after all.

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10. Chloe convinces Jack to call off the assassination on Yuri.


And promises to help him expose the cover-up and the truth about what happened to Omar Hassan.

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11. Knowing agents are moving in on him and they have orders to “shoot to kill,” Jack forces Chloe to shoot him.


Don’t worry! It’s all part of his plan.

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12. Charles tells Jason that Jack has a SIM card implicating both of the men in the cover-up, so Jason goes looking for it.


And feels up Chloe in the process.

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13. But Chloe hid the SIM card in her phone.


Always thinking ahead, that one!

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14. Jason realizes Chloe is working with Jack, so Jack tries to stall him.*


*By biting off part of his ear.

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15. But one-eared Jason is able to stop Chloe before the file can be uploaded to the server.


And arrests Chloe and Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr.).

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16. President Taylor watches Jack’s “good-bye” video.


In the video, Jack explains why he did what he did and how peace must be built on trust, not forced.

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17. At the peace treaty signing, President Taylor is unable to put pen to paper.





Even though she has convinced Yuri and Dalia to do so.

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18. And President Taylor confesses that terrible crimes have occurred and the treaty must die.


And Yuri is not happy.

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19. Jack’s ambulance is ambushed.


On orders from President Taylor (via Charles), before she has a change of heart and decides to expose the cover-up.

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20. Charles kills Jason.


Because all of their secrets are about to be exposed.

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21. And then turns the gun on himself.


But survives.

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22. Chloe and Cole are released from holding on orders from President Taylor to find and save Jack. With Arlo Glass (John Boyd), they work on the CTU floor to track down Jack.


Using only drones.

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23. Jack tries to tackle his assassin.


With his arms handcuffed.

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24. President Taylor orders the assassin to stand down, remove Jack’s handcuffs, and leave the premise.


She’s able to get in touch with him so quickly because they tapped into his phone through the drone satellite.

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25. Then President Taylor apologizes to Jack.


And tells him Russia and the U.S. are going to be hunting him down, so he should start running.

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26. Jack thanks Chloe for everything she’s done for him.


Because, through it all, she always had his back.

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27. And then, Jack disappears.

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That is, until 24: Live Another Day premieres on Monday, May 5, at 8 p.m. on Fox. Watch a preview here:

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