26 Times You Were A Puddle Of Tears During "The Fault In Our Stars"

No, we are NOT okay. Okay? WARNING: All of the spoilers ahead.

1. When Hazel told Gus her “story” (aka her cancer diagnosis).

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2. When Hazel couldn’t breathe in the middle of the night.


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3. When Gus couldn’t see Hazel in the hospital.

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4. When Gus was waiting at Hazel’s front door with flowers.

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5. When Gus sat with Hazel on the swings and told her that “trying to keep [her] distance from [him] in no way lessens [his] affection for [her].”

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6. When you realized the significance of “okay.”

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7. When Gus told Hazel he gave his wish to her.

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8. When Gus walked into the hotel room and was so stunned by Hazel’s beauty, he couldn’t move.

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9. When Gus told Hazel how much he loves her at dinner.

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10. When Peter Van Houten wouldn’t answer a single question from Gus or Hazel.

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11. When Gus and Hazel finally kissed.

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12. When Gus asked Hazel’s mom if they could be alone at breakfast in Amsterdam.

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13. When Gus told Hazel his cancer was back and had spread throughout his entire body.

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14. And Hazel sobbed on his shoulder.

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15. When Hazel’s heart stopped every time her phone rang because she was afraid it was a call telling her Gus was dead.

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16. When Hazel’s mom told her she’d always be her mother, even after she was gone.

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17. When Gus held a fake funeral to hear what his friends would say about him in their eulogies.

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18. When Hazel gave her speech about how Gus made her limited days infinite.

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19. When Gus called Hazel from the gas station.

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20. When Hazel couldn’t see Gus in the hospital but never left the waiting room.

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21. When Hazel took Gus for a picnic and told him they have a good life.

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22. When the house phone rang.


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23. When Hazel sobbed in her bed with her parents.

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24. When Hazel talked about how 9 was her highest pain ever, but losing Gus was a 10.

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25. When Hazel put a pack of cigarettes on Gus’ coffin.

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26. When Hazel read Gus’ eulogy for her.

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