17 Tips From "Cruel Intentions" To Get You Through Your Teenage Years

In honor of the movie’s 15th anniversary on March 5, take comfort in knowing that your adolescence will never be as messed up as Sebastian, Kathryn, Annette, and Cecile’s were.

1. You don’t have to be perfect all the time.


2. If you need to blackmail someone, make sure to address them by their full name.

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Everyone needs a Blaine in their life.

3. Remember to stop and think before throwing out a catchphrase.

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Queen Kathryn knows best.

4. If you want to get your point across, go for the hair pull.


Forget about lunch tables in the cafeteria.

5. Remember that inner beauty is all that counts.


True love.

6. “E-mail is for geeks and pedophiles.”

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And deception works much better when you’re wearing sunglasses and smiles.

7. If you try drugs, someone will write about it in a journal that’s passed out to the entire school.


And it goes without saying that carrying cocaine around in your rosary at all times is not the smartest idea.

8. Make sure you don’t drink iced teas from Long Island.

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A swirl straw and an alcoholic beverage don’t mix well.

9. Don’t interrupt someone while they’re writing!

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It’s really just a common courtesy.

10. Despite how hard you try, remember…

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11. And most importantly…

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12. If you’re not sure how to ask someone on a date, this is a great conversation starter.

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13. But know that falling in love for the first time is really complicated.


Especially with a guy who is known for only having one motive with girls.

15. And sometimes you’ll want to lie about how you really feel.

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If you love someone, don’t tell them they were basically just a notch on your bedpost.

16. But know that if someone stands at the top of an escalator waiting for you, they’re probably the “one.”


Because this is THE most romantic scene of all time and if someone goes to all the trouble to recreate it for you, then you’re really lucky.

17. And when in situations where the above don’t apply, you can always turn to the soundtrack.

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