16 Ways To DIY Leather

Think your busted purse and ratty old boots are headed for the toss bin? Think again.

1. Make a laptop sleeve to protect your data.

Get the DIY here.

ID: 1190243

2. Cut out sweet heart pockets for your cardi.

Or any other shape your heart desires. Learn how here.

ID: 1189589

3. Or slap on these woven elbow patches.

Here’s how.

ID: 1190001

4. Summer cocktails need coasters.

How to here

ID: 1190019

5. And summer bikes need wine racks.

Via http://Oopsmark

Just don’t drink while you bike.

ID: 1190023

6. Take inspiration from the runway with this Céline knot cuff.

Via http://Vogue
ID: 1190026

7. Make some fancy-schmanzy Baz Lurhmann-esque confetti.

This will probably make the best instagram ever. Do it yourself.

ID: 1190031

8. Make a dog tag.

Or buy one here.

ID: 1190034

(For this dog)

Via http://Reddit
ID: 1190035

9. Leather straps transform a doormat into a beautiful tote bag.

Here’s how.

ID: 1190073

10. You can also add straps to drawers.

Here’s how.

ID: 1190076

11. And hammocks!

You can totally make this.

ID: 1190078

12. Make a pine cone.

DIY here.

ID: 1190087

13. Make a mask.

Take inspiration from this Etsy seller.

ID: 1190092

14. Make this smokin’ necklace.

Meagan shows you how

ID: 1190096

15. Cut out mustaches.

Via http://KnotTheory
ID: 1190098

And find a million ways to rock them.

Via http://KnotTheory
ID: 1190108

16. Pick a pattern and hand tool everything like it’s your job.

Via http://Trendhunter

Or just let this guy do it for you. Yes, that’s a leather mural of Winston Churchill.

ID: 1190115

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