Miley Cyrus Rolls Around In Sheets, Half-Nude For New Video

The preview for her song “Adore You” is filmed entirely in a bedroom fort. Or, so it seems.

1. It starts off with her lying in what appears to be an incubator or those liquid tubes from The Island.

ID: 2193085

2. Then, once she’s grown into a human, it transitions into her mouthing something like, “Ew, chapstick.” So we’re like, “Do you want chapstick?”

ID: 2193019

3. Then she says what looks like “I hate everyone” and we’re like, “OK, not necessary. We’re just trying to help.”

ID: 2193024

4. Then she feels her ribs slowly and we’re like, “Miley, if you’re cold, use the sheet how it’s intended.”

ID: 2193026

5. Then she’s like, “True that, peace y’all.” We’re like, “Bye.”

ID: 2193021

6. Then she’s like, “Just kidding,” and slicks her hair back. The end.

ID: 2193038
ID: 2192989

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