Celebrities Dancing At Coachella

You just gotta dance to the beat of your heart sometimes. You know what I mean?

1. Aaron Paul, show us what you got!

ID: 2776329

2. The “shit your pants” dance is super hot!

ID: 2776335

3. Alessandra, it’s YOUR turn, g.

ID: 2776340

4. Peace signs up and bend that knee!

ID: 2815263

5. Kendall Jenner, swing your long dress!

ID: 2776354

6. Look at you go, you’re no hot mess!

ID: 2815339

7. Ireland Baldwin, twist and shout!

ID: 2776577

8. Your pleather is cool and that’s no doubt!

ID: 2815384

9. Miles Teller, lean and snap!

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images
ID: 2776613

10. This kind of looks dirty, maybe you should clap!

ID: 2815418

11. Zoe Kravitz, you’ve got it girl!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images
ID: 2776975

12. Side-to-side, now do a twirl!

ID: 2815459

13. Paris Hilton, your dress is crazy!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images
ID: 2776980

14. Dance the night away, till the weekend gets hazy!

ID: 2815525

15. Carmen Electra’s really serious face!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images
ID: 2776985

16. Is almost as good as her rhythmic pace.

ID: 2815560

17. Kylie and Jaden, do your thing!

ID: 2813619

18. Beep beep boppity, tingity ding!

ID: 2815588

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