45 Moments That Reminded Us How Much We Love Ellen DeGeneres In 2013

It doesn’t get better than this lady!

1. When she went all out for Portia’s birthday tribute.

The Ellen Show /


*Which included making out with Sean Hayes to recreate their wedding ceremony!

ID: 2158820

2. When she let this Bruno Mars–inspired crooner serenade her and hold her hand.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158869

3. When she and Prince Harry went to Disney World and had a fantastic time.

The Ellen Show /
ID: 2159691

4. When she teamed up with Dennis Quaid to prank a nurse lady.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159882

5. When she had Steve Carrell on her show and he came like this.

ID: 2159241

6. When she gave this adorable dancer a chance to practice with his hero.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158872

7. When she may or may not have gotten Diane Keaton tipsy during the show.

ID: 2159425

8. When she waved her hands in the air like she just didn’t care.

Scott Barbour/Stringer
ID: 2160143

9. When she joined forces with her best impersonator, Kate McKinnon, and it was glorious.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158832

10. When she sent Sophia Grace and Rosie to the MTV Movie Awards and they blew bubbles with Zac Efron and took selfies with Emma Watson.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158875

11. When she told Talia Castellano she would be an honorary CoverGirl.

The Ellen Show /
ID: 2159639

12. When she invented this innovative new product called “The Autotwerker.”

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159028

13. When she made this joke.

ID: 2159216

14. When she was a fabulous host to a tour group on the WB lot.

ID: 2152378

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2152385

15. When she and Cher accidentally wore the the same outfit, but it wasn’t awkward.

ID: 2159309

16. When she surprised Jennifer Aniston by letting her dad in during their fake soap opera.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159280

17. When she was totally OK with Dancing Nana upstaging her in front of her whole audience.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158879

18. When she and Beyoncé shared this facial expression onstage.

Kevork Djansezian/Staff
ID: 2160109

19. When she was just as surprised as us to learn the correct pronunciation for Uranus.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159104

20. When she looked super-happy wearing this hat.

ID: 2160146

21. When she invited a 9-year-old golf pro to compete against Justin Timberlake and only slightly embarrassed him.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158955

22. When she put just as much energy into entertaining during rehearsals as she does during the actual show.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158950

23. When she volunteered her staff members for a Walking Dead–themed haunted house, then filmed it.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158944

24. When she stood on stage with these almost naked, but enthusiastic men.

Scott Barbour/Stringer
ID: 2160153

25. When she came up with this awesome Halloween costume for Jason DeRulo.

ID: 2159524

26. When she compiled a video of her audience singing “Blurred Lines.”

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158842

27. When she wrote this letter to the Supreme Court.

Ellen DeGeneres /

ID: 2154886

28. When she gave this family who recently adopted five kids $10,000 and a brand-new car.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158914

29. When she scared Miley Cyrus after she just finished saying that nothing could scare her anymore.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158886

30. Then, when she scared Jack Black with his biggest nightmare, a large raccoon.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159139

31. Then Sean Hayes with this haunted tree.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159584

32. When she tweeted this tweet.

ID: 2159714

33. When she invited this mother-daughter dance team to show off their skills.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158893

34. When she changed all of the cigarettes in Mad Men to party favors.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2159829

35. When she created the most addicting app ever.

ID: 2159437

36. When she hurled various foods at one of her fans and then gave them a free trip to Japan.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158898

37. When she hid from Portia and live-tweeted it.

Ellen DeGeneres /
ID: 2159902

38. When she and Matt Lauer impersonated Kathie Lee and Hoda and it was extremely accurate.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158836

39. When she made this calendar of James Franco and some Christmas cats.

JamesFranco /
ID: 2159369

40. When she decided to recreate Kimye’s “Bound 2” video for her family Christmas card.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158907

41. When she invented a patch for when you’ve scratched your eye but still want to be social.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158919

42. When she invited this audience back for “12 Days of Giveaways” and they freaked out.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158853

43. When she twirled with Tom Hanks and we were all jealous.

ID: 2157818

44. When she casually hung out with Jennifer Aniston again and they looked like best friends.

Christopher Polk/Staff
ID: 2160101

45. Finally, when she shocked her audience by dressing up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween.

The Ellen Show /

ID: 2158847

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