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    • emilyh74

      So this one summer, my family and I were vacationing in Vancouver, Canada for two months and we had memberships to the YMCA there. One day when my sister, my mom, and I were working out, my sister thought she saw Timothy O’mudson (Lassie on Psych) walk right past us. She wasn’t sure it was him but he ending up walking away and moved to the floor below us. There was an open gap in between the floors though so you could see through them and my sister and I were like akwardly starring at him trying to figure out if it was him. We realized it was and we were both kid of freaking out bc we both love the show and our mom was like standing to the side not having any clue who this guy was. We told her and she tried to sneakily take pictures of him with her phone so we wouldn’t have to though he noticed us looking at him and getting pictures so my mom now has a really crappy picture of him all sweaty and stuff looking in our direction. We even saw him later on when we were in the lobby and he sat like right across from us and it was all we could do to not take more pictures or laugh or start fangirling right there.