Emoji’s Superimposed Over Classic Art Is Better Than Any Halloween Post Ever

As if texting hasn’t become enough of an art-form already, Emojinal Art Gallery is photoshopping emoji’s over some of the world’s most infamous pieces of art.

1. Okay, who saw this one coming.

ID: 1899572

2. Mona Lisa’s smile is a lot larger than we originally imagined.

ID: 1899575

3. The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp if Rembrandt were a Millennial.

ID: 1899579

4. Van Gogh throws a judgmental side eye.

ID: 1899584

5. Please don’t text and attempt to cross the Delaware.

ID: 1899588

6. American Graphic

ID: 1899594

7. We’re calling that penguin’s bluff.

ID: 1899597

8. Putting those prayer hands to good use at The Last Supper.

ID: 1899598

9. *insert easel emoji here*

Submit your own interpretations now

ID: 1899671

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