How To NEVER Get Hired; Referral Letter From Hell

A nightmare referral letter that shows you exactly why you should always be on your best manners at work even if you plan to quit soon.

If you’re thinking about eating some mushrooms before you go to the job you hate today, think again.
Horses, leprechauns and feces have a way of coming back to haunt you - in this case, it’s coming in the form of the worst referral letter that has ever existed.

Annabelle (that very special Annabelle in this letter):
1. Call me, I’d love to meet you and your friend Schvance, if you haven’t already accidentally killed yourself due to your extreme incompetence
2. You should just go ahead and stop applying for jobs- your business life is over. Hit the reality show circuit and milk what you can from this awful letter.
3. Be proud because some ass hole will read this letter and know not to throw shit at their boss today. You have improved someone else’s life.

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