17 Experiences That Everyone With Autism Can Relate To

Socially awkward? More like socially AWESOME!

1. Nonverbal greetings are a perennial source of awkwardness.

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2. Sometimes you have to wonder if some people are trying too hard to be “normal.”

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3. There’s always that one social “norm” that literally nobody can justify, so you simply don’t care anymore.

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4. You cringe when you see a magazine article trying to “explain” Autism.

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5. When people talk about Autism on the news, you just can’t take them seriously.

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6. And it’s true that there are some things that most people seem to have no trouble with, but continue to vex you.

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7. And, unfortunately, there’s always someone who doesn’t get your sense of humour.

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8. But that’s better than the people who think they can “correct” your thought process.

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9. Or those inescapable conversations with someone who says it’s “not a real disorder.”

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10. Not to mention the dreadful knowledge that Anti-Vaxxers continue to exist.

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11. Sometimes it seems like nobody around you makes any sense at all.

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12. Sometimes you can just cut to the point faster than anybody else.

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13. You often find comfort in your routines.

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14. Even though you don’t always NEED those routines, you still dread that feeling you get when they are disrupted.

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15. It’s always great meeting other people on the Spectrum.

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16. Nothing can match that wonderful feeling when you figure out how to work WITH your “disorder” and not against it.

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17. Because at the end of the day, no matter how “odd” some people might think you are, you can still be incredibly successful and happy.

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