Under Those Helmets, The NHL’s Western Conference Is Full Of Beautiful Men.

Behind all the missing teeth, messy hockey hair and patchy playoff beards, hockey players are hiding some serious good looks.

The New York Rangers may be my personal favourite when it comes to an attractive roster, but that doesn’t mean the other teams are completely lacking their own hot players.

Let’s be honest, hockey players are hot.

2. Anaheim Ducks - Dustin Penner

As a non-Anaheim fan, attending any Ducks game would still worth the cost of admission for his beautiful face alone.

3. Calgary Flames - Sean Monahan

Feel free to make jokes about how the Flames forward is so hot he’s on fire. When someone is this mind-numbingly adorable, terrible puns are completely okay.

4. Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

I had trouble choosing between Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle, but how anyone looks this good in a suit is beyond me so my decision was made for me by the Suit & Tie gods.

5. LA Kings - Mike Richards

I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that if I could ever get past that beautiful smile and those sparkling teeth, I would probably spend my time writing Mike Richards fan fiction staring myself.

6. Phoenix Coyotes - David Rundblad

His face in this photo is my face staring at his face.
Does anyone else need a glass of water and a break? I NEED A GLASS OF WATER AND A BREAK. *fanning myself*

7. San Jose Sharks - Marc-Edouard Vlasic

This photo kind of makes it unfair for the rest of the Sharks to even try being hot, because THERE IS A PUPPY AND IT’S WEARING A SHIRT AND THEY ARE BOTH SMILING.

8. Vancouver Canucks - Ryan Kesler

I know that just about any photo of Ryan Kesler can get your heart working overtime, but it’s worth it.

If you somehow manage to still have any amount of coordination right now, Kevin Bieksa and Chris Higgins’ abs get honourable mentions for obvious reasons.

9. Chicago Blackhawks - Patrick Sharp

Some NHL teams are more blessed by beauty than others.

The Blackhawks are one of those teams, so narrowing it down to one choice was difficult…BUT COME ON! HOW IS PATRICK SHARP EVEN A REAL HUMAN BEING?
Winner. We have a winner.

10. Colorado Avalance - Gabriel Landeskog

How do you choose just one GIF of the adorable Avalanche captain?
Don’t be insane! YOU DON’T.
After you peel your jaw of the floor you pick two because. BECAUSE. I MAKE THE RULES.

12. Dallas Stars - Tyler Seguin

Boston lost a beautiful man during the off-season. Looks like Tyler has been taking advice from Marc-Edouard Vlasic on how to win points using puppies, but let’s be real, even without the puppy Tyler would probably be my choice for other reasons.

13. Minnesota Wild - Zach Parise

I’m gonna need a minute. By myself.

14. Nashville Predators - Pekka Rinne

Golden locks? Check. Piercing eyes? Check. Bright smile? Check.
My heart? No check because IT HAS BEEN STOLEN BY PEKKA RINNE.

15. St Louis Blues - Maxim Lapierre

I would probably have more to say right now if I wasn’t drooling all over myself. Hot damn, how is someone this stunning even possible?

16. Winnipeg Jets - Evander Kane

Does anyone else just want to run their tongue down Evander Kane’s cheekbones? No? That’s weird and creepy? Oh. Well, at least we can all agree that he is gorgeous.

Feel free to comment with even more photos beautiful players. We all thank you in advance.

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