20 Things People With Bitchy Resting Face Are Tired Of Hearing

No, but seriously, what’s wrong?

1. “What’s wrong?”

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Errr, is there something wrong? Nope. Nothing wrong. This is just how my face looks.

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2. “No, seriously, what’s up?”

No, seriously, nothing. Not a single thing.

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3. “You look miserable, are you OK?”

Nope, it’s just my face.

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4. “Oh god, have I done something? ARE YOU MAD AT ME?”

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5. “You should smile more.”

Thank you for the advice. I do try to smile as much as humanly possible, it’s just I have to constantly remember to do it because my facial muscles are useless.

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6. “You look so much nicer when you smile.”

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7. “I thought you’d be a total bitch when I met you!”

This is just not OK. You’ve now made me perpetually fearful of ever meeting anyone new because I’ll have to overcompensate and be mega-smiley and happy which I’m then worried will come across as insincere. It’s also exhausting.

You’ve basically just made me about a thousand times more insecure and paranoid about my chronic bitchy resting face than I already was.

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8. “You’re really not a bitch, though!”


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9. “Hah! I didn’t think you’d be funny!”

Just because my face looks serious, doesn’t mean I’m devoid of any sense of humour.

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10. “Are you sure you’re all right, though?”

Let’s just assume that from now until forever, unless I tell you otherwise, I am fine.

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11. “Are you angry at me?”

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Please, please stop asking.

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12. “Well, you don’t look excited.”

Inside I’m excited! My face just doesn’t really let me convey it!

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13. “You really don’t want to be here, do you?”

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I’m actually perfectly happy here at this social gathering — in fact, I was feeling fucking fabulous.

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14. “Smile!!!”

ID: 3208781

15. “Be happy! Life is great!”


Yep, I know.

ID: 3208782

16. “Be happy for once.”


I am happy.

ID: 3208784

17. “You look upset. Do you want to talk about it?”


ID: 3208787

18. “There’s something wrong, I can see it in your face.”

Nope, you can’t, because at the risk of sounding like Ross from Friends, I’M FINE.

ID: 3208788

19. “Who pissed you off?”

Nope, wasn’t at all pissed off. Am now though.

ID: 3208789

20. Cheer up, it might never happen.

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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