The 22 Hottest Bearded Men In Britain

Because if anything increases fanciability, it’s a bit of stubble.

22. Jamie Dornan.

Ian Gavan/Stringer / Getty

OK, OK so he’s northern Irish - but look at him, we couldn’t not include him. Jamie’s beard serves to draw attention to his cheekbones which look like they’ve been sculpted by the ACTUAL HANDS of God himself.

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21. Danny Dyer.

Via Ben Pruchnie / Getty

Danny’s beard shall forever be known as the Saviour of Eastenders.

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20. Robert Pattinson.

So relaxed. So rugged. So hot. And just look at him. He knows it.

ID: 2477418

19. Jason Statham.

Sam Morris/Stringer / Getty

The beard makes him resemble a long-lost Mitchell brother. Only way, way fitter.

ID: 2477579

18. Gary Barlow.

Ian Gavan / Getty

Gary displays what’s officially* regarded as just the right amount of beard needed to cause a rash after a make out session.

*Definitely not official.

ID: 2477441

He’s also indesputibly hotter with facial hair…

Gareth Cattermole / Getty

So growing a full beard should probably be on his ‘To do’ list.

ID: 2484211

17. Hugh Laurie.

Kevin Winter / Getty

If it wasn’t for the beard, inappropriate crushes on Dr House wouldn’t be a thing.

ID: 2477473

16. Jude Law.

Jason Merritt / Getty

If you don’t want to stroke his face there’s something wrong with you.

ID: 2477567

15. Orlando Bloom.

Via Ian Gavan / Getty

Orlando has the beginnings of something wonderful.

ID: 2478072

14. Max George.

He has the actual (hairy) face of an angel.

ID: 2477591

13. Craaaaaiiiiig Daaaavid.

Atlantic Records

Circa 2000, when his beard was a genuine work of art, obviously.

ID: 2477656

Not so much any more…

Now it’s all got a bit weird.

ID: 2477887

12. Rylan Clark.

Rylan gets extra points because unlike Craig he actually dyes his beard which must be a right old faff.

ID: 2477900

11. Jeremy Paxman.

Don’t judge.

That beard trended on Twitter.

ID: 2477910

10. Louis Tomlinson.

One Direction* are probably secretly envious of his manly facial hair.

*Apart from Zayn.

ID: 2477990

9. Zayn Malik.

Jason Merritt / Getty


ID: 2478005

8. David Gandy.

If you thought he’d reached peak hotness when he languished on a boat in his pants for Dolce & Gabana, you need to remember that he now also has this ridiculously sexy beard on his face.

ID: 2478054

7. Christian Bale.

Yeah, you applaud yourself for that impeccable beard, Christian.

ID: 2483912

6. Jack Whitehall.

Via Anthony Harvey / Getty

The beard is probably the most rugged part of Jack, but that doesn’t matter because it’s amazing.

ID: 2478090

5. Russell Brand.

Via Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

This is what happens when you can’t be bothered to shave because you’re too busy womanising.

ID: 2478037

4. David Beckham.

ChinaFotoPress / Getty

Just when you thought Becks was the perfect specimen of mankind, he goes and grows a beard which defies the laws of human sexiness.

ID: 2483986

3. Prince Harry.

Chris Jackson / Getty

It’s quite clear who the hottest Prince is.

ID: 2483973

2. Michael Fassbender.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Okay, so technically he’s Irish-German, but we’re counting him in the round-up. The quiffed hair and the shades and the tux and the beard. IT’S ALL TOO MUCH.

ID: 2484046


ID: 2484513

1. Tom Hardy.

Chris Jackson / Getty

It’s full-bodied and hairy and just really, really, like UNBELIEVABLY manly.

Congratulations Tom, on having Britain’s Best Beard.

ID: 2484066

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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