The 29 Most Outrageously Extravagant Celebrity Instagram Posts Of All Time

Splash the cash. Or throw it over family members.

1. Ten-month-old North West already has her first Lamborghini.

ID: 2834153

2. And her cousin has her very own $345 mini Balenciaga handbag.

ID: 2834017

3. Scott Disick uses his wad of $100 bills as a phone, to call his peasant followers.

ID: 2833978

4. He also uses it as toilet paper.

ID: 2833981

5. And he faces the agonising decision of which watch to wear every day.

ID: 2833989

6. In fact, he has so much money, he likes to throw it over family members.

ID: 2833982

7. Rihanna has so much money, she likes to stand on it.

ID: 2835163

8. And throw it around at strip clubs.

ID: 2835238

9. 50 Cent has so much money he can’t even fold it.

ID: 2841739

10. Miley Cyrus shoves her money down her shorts.

ID: 2841865

11. Chris Brown may take photos of all his cash, but he doesn’t spend it on himself.

ID: 2841332

12. (Apart from when he’s buying Rolex watches.)

ID: 2841335

13. (And sports cars.)

ID: 2841326

14. 50 Cent is the owner of this household staple.

ID: 2841721

15. And a diamond chain that hurts his neck.

ID: 2841715

16. Millie Mackintosh never leaves the house without her fur accessories and Valentino shoes.

ID: 2834212

17. Even when she’s going for a casual diamond facial.

ID: 2834379

18. Just a pair of rose gold headphones. Nothing to see here.

ID: 2834692

19. Kim Kardashian’s got a shoe collection for every home.

ID: 2834156

20. And these are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s essentials.

ID: 2834734

21. Professor Green only travels first class these days.

ID: 2834729

22. As do Lewis Hamilton’s dogs.

ID: 2841676

23. Kris Jenner’s fridge looks like this.

ID: 2841342

24. And Sam Faiers only buys shoes from Selfridges.

ID: 2841477

25. P Diddy is a fan of spontaneous car shopping.

ID: 2852555

26. While normal-sized spliffs just don’t cut it for Rihanna.

ID: 2852550

27. And if it’s not gold-plated, Kim Kardashian isn’t interested.

ID: 2852564

28. Craig David is having the last laugh.

ID: 2841473

29. And finally, 50 Cent has a $65,000 diamond-encrusted cat head. Obvs.

ID: 2841754

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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