Emma Watson Doesn’t Get Twitter And It’s Ridiculously Cute

Let’s look at her best attempts.

1. When she got a bit confused as to precisely which social network she was using.

ID: 3592117

2. When she told everyone who she’d decided to follow.

ID: 3592195

3. But then got told off for using the incorrect terminology.

ID: 3592190

4. When she realised that Twitter can be really great.

ID: 3592114

5. When she had a brief dalliance with #hashtags.

ID: 3592203

6. But that ended with a broken hashtag.


ID: 3592777
Anthony Harvey / Getty
ID: 3599844

7. When her friend tried to guide her in the ways of Twitter.

ID: 3592325

8. When she discussed oral hygiene.

ID: 3592328

9. When she updated us on her technical woes.


ID: 3592343
Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty
ID: 3599861

10. When she decided to quote the opening scene of Love Actually.

ID: 3592433

11. When she just tweeted the name of a singer and their song.

ID: 3592439

12. She does this quite a lot.

ID: 3592605

13. Like, really a lot.

ID: 3592576

15. Don’t think she thought this one through, though.

ID: 3592738

16. When this happened.

(And then she forgot to reply.)

ID: 3592346

17. When she tweeted random punctuation.

ID: 3592551

18. As well as letters.

ID: 3592598

19. And a bit more punctuation.

ID: 3592784

20. When she came over splendidly British.

ID: 3592564
Jemal Countess / Getty
ID: 3599913

21. When she gave Andy Murray some encouragement during his Wimbledon final.

ID: 3592593

22. When she went all sassy.

ID: 3592639
Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images
ID: 3599889

24. When she shared a very specific Christmas greeting.

ID: 3592747

25. When her computer crashed and there was only one solution.

ID: 3592758
Matt Crossick/EMPICS Entertainment
ID: 3599892

26. When she did this and it was adorable.

ID: 3592229

27. But not as adorable as her apologising for being bad at Twitter. :(

ID: 3592286

<3 you Emma.

ID: 3599896

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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