29 Drunk Celebrities Who’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Hangover

I’ll just stay for one…hundred.

Feeling a bit like this today?

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After a few too many of these?

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1. It’s OK, Justin Timberlake probably begged for that one last beer as well.

ID: 3067768

2. Holly Willoughby has fallen asleep face down amongst some crisps.

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3. Katie Price got down to her jam.

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4. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence literally didn’t give a fuck at the Oscars?

Jason Merritt / Getty
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5. Or when The Spice Girls celebrated Victoria Beckham’s birthday?

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6. And Mel C left like this?

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7. It’s OK, we’ve all experienced a drunken PDA.

James Devaney / Getty
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8. We’ve all pulled out our best model poses.

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9. And we’ve definitely all had one for the road*.

Splash News

*Which ends up being the most regrettable decision ever.

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So much regret.

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10. Remember when Goldie Hawn hurled herself into a taxi?

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11. And Helen Flanagan made this dramatic exit?

Pete Goddard / Splash News
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(She probably wanted to crawl anyway.)

Pete Goddard / Splash News
ID: 3076445

12. Or when Lindsay Lohan fell in some shrubbery?

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13. And Cheryl Cole pulled her “I’m not even that drunk” face?

Neil Warner / Splash News
ID: 3076448

14. While Brad Pitt just relished the happy drunk stage?


It’s fine. He probably told everyone he loved them, too.

ID: 3076895


Brian Prahl / Splash News

It’s OK. We’ve all been there.

ID: 3076446

16. Sometimes we lose control of our facial muscles…


Like Nikki Grahame.

ID: 3076892

17. Or Tom Parker.

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ID: 3076440

18. ?!


And Nick Grimshaw.

ID: 3076894

…And our legs.

ID: 3076893

19. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s a struggle to just stand up.


As demonstrated by Claudia Winkleman.

ID: 3076897

20. It can also be a struggle to keep your own eyes open. Scott Disick knows this.

ID: 3076898

21. Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh also know this.

ID: 3076900

22. We’ve all decided against a taxi in favour of other, more perilous modes of transport.


Like Noel Gallagher.

ID: 3076901

23. See?

Splash News
ID: 3076443

24. And even Kate and William probably thought shots were a good idea, too.

REX USA/Copetti/Photofab / Rex
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25. Even Avril has reached this stage in the night.

Mike FANOUS / Getty
ID: 3077489

26. It’s fine, just take yourself home.

Planet Photos
ID: 3076905

27. Get into bed.

Dave Hogan / Getty
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Stick on some Netflix.

ShowBizIreland / Getty
ID: 3077584

28. Maybe order a pizza.

ID: 3077623

29. Things will be better tomorrow.

Jeff Vespa / WireImage
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