19 GIFs Of Celebrity Men Getting Undressed Just For You

Seriously. Get ready to drool.

1. Hopefully you have a few spare moments, because Taylor Lautner needs you to look at him removing his black sweater to reveal pure, rock-hard muscle.

ID: 3388922

2. And here’s Ryan Gosling tossing his sweater aside so casually before standing there, bronzed and rippling.

ID: 3388978

3. Then there’s Bradley Cooper just casually stripping off in a sports field.

ID: 3389394

4. And Matt Bomer in a library.

USA Network / Via crushable.com


ID: 3389028

5. Just look at Chris Evans shirtless and removing his trousers with such purpose.

ID: 3389666

6. And Devin Jacanin TAUNTING YOU.

ID: 3389016

7. And Dan Osbourne undoing his shirt, all like “Come at me”.

Oh we WILL.

ID: 3389425

8. And David Gandy with his furrowed brow removing his shirt so atmospherically.

He looks so good when he’s angry.

ID: 3389802

9. Then there’s Ryan Reynolds just basically getting naked right in front of you.

ID: 3389842

10. And Zac Efron being all strip-teasy.

ID: 3389695

11. Miguel Angel Silvestre hurriedly whipping his shirt off while staring at you with complete lust.

ID: 3389024

12. Robbie Amell’s giving you just enough time to take in his biceps, shoulders and stomach. Oh sweet Jesus, that stomach.

ID: 3389630

13. Just look at Taylor Kinney undoing his actual trousers while smiling at you.

ID: 3390082

14. Joe Manganiello emerging from the sea, just completely SOAKING WET.

ID: 3396270

15. And Channing Tatum removing all his clothing with a knowing smile on his perfect face.

ID: 3390181


ID: 3389698

17. Before you go, take a moment to soak up Justin Timberlake slowly unveiling his incredible torso.

ID: 3396586

18. And Alex Pettyfer having his clothes forcibly removed.

ID: 3396587

19. And finally, here’s David Beckham in slow motion.


OK, as you were.

ID: 3390219

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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