The 22 Most Mesmerising Beyoncé Hair Flicks Of All Time

Bow down.

1. This is Beyoncé and her superhuman mane. You might be familiar with them.

ID: 3614931

2. Beyoncé is good at a lot of things. Singing. Song-writing. Generally being a total goddess.

ID: 3614673

3. But the reason she was really put on this earth was to allow us, devoted followers, to witness perfect hair-flicking.

ID: 3615040

4. She doesn’t need to go all out with the hair flicks all the time.

ID: 3614964

5. Sometimes this is enough.

ID: 3614940

6. Because when she does let loose…

ID: 3614669

7. …Holy mother of GOD is it incredible.

ID: 3614928

9. (Some might say, unprecedented levels of sass.)

ID: 3615099

10. So much perfection.

ID: 3615002

11. So much power.

ID: 3615088

12. The hair-flicking will probably make you experience emotions you’ve never felt before.

ID: 3615223

15. Heart-palpitations.

ID: 3615203

16. It’ll make you question how it’s actually humanly possible for someone to flick their hair THIS WELL.

ID: 3614944

17. No. Seriously.

ID: 3615024

18. It’ll make you wonder whether it’s possible to MARRY someone’s hair.

ID: 3615108

19. We all seriously need to get our shit together and learn how to do this.

ID: 3615075

20. So let’s all bow down.

ID: 3615018

21. And worship Queen Bey and her glorious locks.

ID: 3615137

22. And remember this, always.

ID: 3615290

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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