25 Times Celebrities Proved No One Looks Good When They Cry

Oh boohoo.

1. When Heidi Montag reflected on her ten plastic surgeries.

2. When Claire Danes experienced this crying/rage hybrid. / Via Teakwood Lane Productions Cherry Pie Productions Keshet Broadcasting, Fox 21 Showtime Networks

3. When Kim Kardashian did this. / Via E!

4. When Rylan reacted calmly to the news he’d made it through to the X Factor live shows. / Via ITV Productions

5. When Britney got emotional.

6. When Selena Gomez began to lose her shit. / Via It’s a Laugh Productions

7. When Katy Perry really lost her shit.

8. When Kim Kardashian did this.

9. When Zooey Deschanel personified heartbreak. / Via Elizabeth Merriweather Pictures

10. When Lindsay Lohan realised she might go to jail.


12. When Sarah Harding lost control of her face. / Via ITV Productions

13. When Kim Kardashian did this.

14. When Snooki saw her makeup. / Via BBC Worldwide Productions

15. When Adele won her 984th award.

16. When Leona Lewis won The X Factor. / Via ITV Productions

17. You know the drill.

18. When Farrah Abraham did her best Kim Kardashian impression.

19. When Tobey Maguire failed miserably at being brave. / Via Columbia Pictures

20. When Lauren Conrad broke up with Jason. (Again.)

21. When Harry Styles cried actual angel tears. / Via Syco Entertainment

22. When Lea Michele felt all pointy and emotional. / Via 20th Century Fox

23. When Tyra Banks tried out a sympathetic faux-cry. / Via 10 by 10 Productions

24. When Halle Berry had a full-blown Oscar-acceptance meltdown. / Via Oscars

25. And finally, whatever’s going on here.

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Ellie Woodward is a UK celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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