20 Celebrities Who Totally Owned Their Body Image Trolls

Don’t even think about calling them too fat. Or too skinny.

1. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga was furious at the abuse she faced for gaining two stone. She told her trolls she’s “proud at any size”.

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2. Kim Kardashian

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She hit back at Twitter trolls who criticised her throughout her pregnancy during which she put on over three stone, as well as her post-baby body.

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3. Lily Allen

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Lily responded when trolls (and Katie Hopkins) criticised her after putting on weight. Lily explained that the weight gain occurred after suffering a miscarriage seven months into her pregnancy and then comfort-eating. She went on to say that she gained more weight during her two following pregnancies as she was essentially on bed rest, terrified of miscarrying again.

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4. Cheryl Cole

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Chezza was less than impressed at Twitter trolls slating her new tattoo — a rose that covered her lower back and bum.

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5. Rob Kardashian

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Rob responded to tweets calling him overweight as well as accusations that he’s been in rehab for his problems, after making his first public appearance in months.

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6. Khloe Kardashian

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty

Khloe stepped in to defend her brother Rob, telling his trolls they should be “ashamed of themselves.”

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7. Iggy Azalea

Chelsea Lauren / Getty

Iggy launched her almighty Twitter rant after being hounded by trolls when photos appeared of her at an airport without any makeup.

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8. Demi Lovato

Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Demi hit back after receiving nasty comments about her weight gain after she underwent treatment for bulimia and self-harm.

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9. Jennifer Ellison

Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment/PA

The actress was angered by comments about her post-pregnancy body just three months after giving birth.

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10. Kylie Jenner

Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Kylie hit out after trolls accused her of having had surgery, including lip fillers, a nose job, and chin reshaping.

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11. Adam Levine

Kevin Winter / Getty

The singer owned his critics after they slated his new hair colour.

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12. Alexa Chung

Bryan Bedder / Getty

Alexa made her Instagram account private after trolls left thousands of comments under a particular photo of her, suggesting that women were using her as “thinspiration” to lose weight.

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13. Kendall Jenner

Jason Merritt / Getty

Kendall answered back to trolls who criticised her for being “too skinny,” saying it’s just as damaging as being called overweight.

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14. Liam Payne

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After photos appeared of the One Direction star on the beach, he was shocked to read tweets telling him he looked fat.

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15. LeAnn Rimes

Frazer Harrison / Getty

LeAnn was enraged when she was bombarded by tweets calling her too skinny.

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16. Chanelle Hayes

Eamonn M McCormack / Getty

When the former Big Brother star unveiled her three-stone weight loss, trolls criticised her for still having cellulite and suggested she hadn’t lost as much weight as she claimed.

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17. Michelle Heaton

Stuart Wilson / Getty

The singer and TV presenter hit out when her surgery was criticised. Michelle underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after finding out she had the BRCA2 cancer gene, leaving her with an 80% risk of breast cancer.

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18. Rebel Wilson

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

After being inundated with abuse about her weight, Rebel had a massive Twitter rant, saying: “Oh yeah I do mermaid dancing once a month at least. That counts as cardio. Note to self: do not eat dinner quickly and then put on Spanx.”

ID: 3032542

19. Ireland Baldwin

Andrew H. Walker / Getty

Ireland responded after reading online comments about her body, as well as the appearance of other women.

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20. And finally, Zooey Deschanel.

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