Vatican Accidentally Tweets About Batman

Holy Gaffe, Vat-Man!

1. One of the Vatican’s primary Twitter accounts tweeted a story about Batman Thursday night, prompting confusion and concerns that the account had been hacked.

Holy switcheroo! Batman has grown bitter, more vengeful with the years— VaticanCommunication

ID: 1006998

2. The story was also posted on the website of the Vatican Communications Office.

ID: 1007004

3. A Vatican spokesman told The Associated Press that the story was accidentally posted by a non-native English speaker within the Communications Office.

Via http://Tony%20Gentile / Reuters
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4. Suuuuure…

Ed Pfueller/Catholic University of America

Cardinal Timothy Dolan delivers remarks at the Catholic University of America. This is actually the best photo of any Cardinal that has ever existed.

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